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Allow me to introduce myself:

My Risk Management career starting at the University of Wisconsin, Madison campus in 1963. After graduating with a BBA in Risk Management – Insurance and Finance, I enlisted in the US Army and spent my entire tour of duty in Vietnam with the Military Assistants Command Vietnam (MACV) from November 10, 1968 thru January 10, 1970.

It took me awhile to adjust back to civilian life, but in 1971, I was hired by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA Inc.) to travel the US organizing and teaching Risk Management through CUNA Inc. and its affiliated credit unions.

FYI: Once organized, credit unions form into local chapters, which are part of their respective State League, which subsequently makes them a supporting member of the Credit Union National Association (CUNA Inc.)

In 1934, credit union leaders met in Estes Park, Colorado and formed CUNA Inc., which is the US confederation of credit unions. Then in 1935, CUNA Inc. met back in Estes Park, adopted the motto "The Debt Shall Die with the Debtor", and formed CUNA Mutual Insurance Society, specifically to provide, blanket Loan Protection and Life Savings insurance to every US credit union member, paid for by their credit union. In 1960, CUNA Inc. formed the Credit Union Mutual Insurance Society (CUMIS), a Property/Casualty insurance company, specifically focused on providing credit unions with a blanket surety bond.

In 1971, CUNA Inc. joined with other credit union associations around the world to form the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU), at which time I was hired to work through both WOCCU and CUNA Inc. to organize and teach Credit Union Risk Management throughout the world credit union movement.  

Note: I share this credit union’ organizational history, because it’s the same “grassroots” organizational structure I’m convinced will work to deliver “blanket” cost effective and affordable healthcare and insurance for every American, from conception until natural death. It’s the same grassroots approach I used when I wrote my “Home-rule Healthcare and Insurance” cure for the socialist plague; originally titled: “Home-rule Healthcare and Insurance, the cure to the OBAMA-Care Curse."

In 1985, it became painfully obvious to CUNA Inc. that our staff in their Risk Management Department was catching too many fraud and scam artists working in the US credit union movement, to be representing their national trade association. It was then that our Risk Management Department was transferred into the CUNA Mutual Group (CMG), at which time I was put in charge of CMG's international "Scam Alert" program. 

I retired from CMG in June 2001 and, after the 9-11-01 terrorist attack at the World Trade Center, I assembled agents from the FBI and Secret Service, sworn law enforcement officers, licensed private security professionals, and select credit union executives from around the US, such as the Federal Employee Credit Union's CEO Florence Rogers, who was the only credit union survivor of the Oklahoma City bombing, and launched “The Risk Management Learning Center” (www.RMLearningCenter.com).

Once organized, I contracted with CMG to work through their International department and WOCCU on a project focused on managing terrorist' risks that were increasing in Europe, South Korea and the Caribbean.

Since 9-11-01, working through our FBI’s InfraGard and PAWLI (Professional Association of Wisconsin Licensed Investigators) I’ve focused on the risks created by both international and home-grown terrorist.

They say, if you're not a democrat when you're young, you have no heart, and if you're not a republican when you're older, you'll not survive in the real world.

I was a liberal democrat while enrolled at the University of Wisconsin and living on Madison's isthmus, proudly known as  "77 square miles surrounded by reality. I graduated in '68 with a BBA (Risk Management-Insurance-Finance). I "cleaned-up," actively campaigned and voted for democrat Presidential candidate Eugene McCarthy, not to mention JFK who landed us on the moon and LBJ, who landed me in Vietnam. I was an active member of my Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU), and a Charter Member of the Door County Credit Union (merged first into the Pioneer Credit Union and than into the Capital Credit Union).

After retiring from CUNA Mutual Group (CMG) in 2001, I formed The Risk Management Learning Center and was hired back to work with credit unions in Europe, the Caribbean, South Korea, etc. I launched "www.DoorCountyVeterans.com" in memory of the five Door County veterans killed in action (KIA) in Vietnam, and the two Vietnam veterans from Door County who committed suicide when we returned. For more information click on my biography under my picture, upper right on this page.

*Authors Note: If you get nothing more out of my workshops, I only ask you to read each workshop' case study, complete the exercise, and take the test.